Welcome to Ace Music!

Thanks for checkin out Ace Music! Home to many brands of new and used guitars since 1999. We offer a selection of guitars uncommon to the average music store. It can
range from high end acoustics to factory referbished electrics. Our selection comes from a long list of manufacturers located in Southern California and through out the

We offer a retro styling of guitars with brands like Kay Guitar, Danelectro and Fender, while offering brands like Ephiphone, Jackson and Schecter at really great prices.
Our acoustics vary from starter nylon string guitars like Santa Rosa and Johnson to high end Blueridge, Martin, Guild, Tanglewood, plus many more. 

Our goal is to get a quality made, finely tuned instrument to you for a great price. We have been in business for almost two decades and have been members of NAMM
since the 80's. We've worked for some of the oldest guitar companies in the biz as well as the largest music stores out there, we know our business! Great GUITARS make
great MUSIC!